Measurement Box T-ZACCS BOX EX-50H


Features Measures 1000 points in 0.1 seconds at the fastest by the adoption of ultra high-speed field network Highly accurate and stable measurement achieved by the adoption of our unique next-generation A/D conversion method that enables high-speed measurement with high accuracy and stability eliminating the influence of various thermoelectromotive forces, thermal zero shift of amplifier, and power line noise In high-accuracy mode, measures 1000 points in 0.4 seconds (in 50Hz area) even for thermocouple measurement and/or using high-resolution mode A temperature-integrated strain gauge can be measured using one channel Complete compensation method of strain (Comet) provided Various check functions (insulation check, sensitivity check, dispersion check, thermocouple burnout check)

หมวดหมู่ : Measuring Instruments Static Strainmeters


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